What is Fone9 VoIP card?

Fone9 VoIP card allows you to call anywhere in the world with a variety of calling methods. All calls can be viewed by logging in to the web-access.

Here is some description of the different calling options, which will help you save on your long distance calls.

Clear Connections:

Your call is connected through Tier1 carriers, ensuring line quality and call completion are never compromised.

PC to Fixed Line or Mobile Phones:

Use the Fone9 VoIP card to makes calls from your PC to any fixed lines or mobile phones. All you need is to download and install the Softphone program. Use a headset with microphone for better voice quality.

VoIP device to Fixed Line or Mobile Phones:

Use the details on the card and configure any VoIP devices to make calls to any fixed line or mobile phones. The device must be SIP supported.


With our web-callback option, you can initiate calls from the web browser of your PC/Laptop or Mobile phones. Please enter

This is a great option when using internet cafes or less-hassle of getting a VoIP device.