Your privacy is our concern here at fone9 and we are sensitive to our customer? need for privacy and data protection. This privacy policy, which is part of our Terms of Use Agreement, sets forth our practices pertaining to the use and collection of ?ersonal information?as well as the choices we offer you concerning the use of this information. ?ersonal information?is information that personally identifies you, including for example, your name, address and email address. fone9 does not share, disclose, trade or sell any personally identifiable information collected online with other organizations or companies. To help with increased communications security we have developed our Privacy Policy as an obligation to our customers. It is our goal to make you feel assured about the security and privacy of your personal information.

The web site is registered, owned and operated by fone9. Upon registration our members are required to provide full name, street address, e-mail address and password. This information is used to manage the access to sensitive member-specific information such as account balance, member profile, and eligibility for certain services and benefits offered by fone9. Member? correct full name, postal and email address are required for information related to certain transactions as well as statements. fone9 will not sell, share, trade, or give away personally identifiable member information to third-parties without member's specific permission.

Privacy Policy

Collection of Private Information:

This Personal information collected by fone9, its associated companies and affiliates (cooperatively ?one9? includes information about a specific individual. This information includes the individual's name, home address, work address, e-mail address, postal code, home and business telephone numbers, income, employment history, credit information, banking information and local and long distance calling patterns. Personal information may also be acquired with the permission of the individual from other sources such as financial institutions and credit bureaus, although personal information principally will be gathered from the individual. Nonetheless, acquisition of any information from these other sources will be conditional on fone9? privacy policy as if the information originated from the individual him/herself.

(a) "Cookies":

Cookies: ?ookies" are unique pieces of data generated by a web site that are stored on your computer. Cookies are used to electronically gather information about the individuals who enter the fone9 website. The response rate to banners that appear on our site as well as the service provider of the individuals accessing the site and their browser type (Netscape, Explorer, etc) are collected via "cookies". This allows fone9 to evaluate the efficiency of special offers and certain promotions available and to improve the site to better suit the needs of our clients. Personal details about you or your computer's setup cannot be revealed by Cookies and neither do they contain executable code used for infecting a computer with a virus. Upon registration as per our Terms of Service, all users grant to fone9 their clear permission to create and manage cookies to individually recognize members and deliver its services. The users have the option to decline cookies by deleting cookie files, changing the security setting of their browser, and by terminating their fone9 account.

(b) Linked Sites and Affiliates:

Personal information derived from fone9? agencies, affiliates, and related institutions may also be combined with information acquired online at fone9? website or at any of fone9? customer service centres. There is also the transfer of personal information in Singapore and also internationally. In order to provide more effective service personalized to the unique needs of its customers and to allow fone9 to more efficiently manage its customer information, this information may be collected.

Use of Personal Information:

(a) By fone9:

To guarantee proper billing information, confirm client identity and gauge customer interest in a variety of services, personal information gathered by fone9 will be used to offer services to its customers. The use of personal information may be employed by fone9 and its allied or affiliated companies to notify the customer about special offers or promotions that may be of interest.

fone9 will not use, gather or release any personal information without first acquiring the individual permission of the customer to such a collection use and disclosure. fone9 will put forward every sensible effort to make certain that the individual is informed of the purposes for which the personal information will be used. Moreover, fone9 will only use the personal information for the reasons for which it was initially gathered. Furthermore, fone9 will not divulge any personal information of a private nature (i.e. race, gender, nationality, etc.) without the explicit approval of the individual to such discharge.

(b) Disclosure to Third Parties:

Except as granted herein, fone9 will not distribute the private information of its clients to third parties apart from where such disclosure is authorized by the customer and except where such disclosure is required in responding to the customer's request for products or services. In which case fone9 will ask for permission to third party disclosure at the time the private information is accumulated.

(c) Disclosure imposed by law or under specific conditions:

Under exceptional circumstances where there lies a trusted belief that such collection, access, and/or disclosure are justified, fone9 will access, collect and/or disclose personal information where compulsory to do so by law pursuant to a court order, search warrant or other valid legal request. Examples of such exceptional circumstances of collection and disclosure include security or medical reasons. For the function of collecting on accounts owing, fone9 may also disclose personal information to collection agencies to fone9.

Accuracy of Personal Information and Access to it:

For the purposes for which it is to be used, fone9 aims to keep the personal information of its customers exact, current and inclusive. Incidentally, fone9 customers can access their personal information at any time by contacting fone9? Customer Service and propose a written statement for such right of entry. fone9 will provide the individual with details as to the disclosure of his/her personal information and shall offer the individual access to that information. The individual will be able to confront the correctness and comprehensiveness of the information and have it correctly modified.

To obtain right of entry to personal information detained by fone9, the individual making the demand will be obliged to provide adequate information to authorize fone9 to present an account of the existence, use and disclosure of the personal information. Specifically, authentication of identity by user ID or password will be necessary prior to the approval of access to personal information.

Withdrawal of Consent and Management of Personal Information

Any individual may discard consent at any time, conditional on official or contractual constraints and realistic notice. The individual will be notified of the repercussions of such withdrawal on services provided by fone9 or its affiliates as relevant.

Provisions for Protection of Personal Information:

Security and protection of private and personal information is of vital consequence to fone9. Because of this, we have employed security protection to safeguard personal information against loss, theft, disclosure and unauthorized access, modification or use. Such safeguards comprise: controlled access to offices and records, restricted access security clearance measures on a ?eed to know?basis and the use of encryption and passwords for access to records.

The obligation fone9 employees have towards maintaining confidentiality of clients personal information is of extreme importance. Access to personal information by fone9 employees is limited to that which is essential to carry out their function.

Any personal information gathered by fone9 shall be held for as long as required only for the intention of carrying out the reason it was collected initially. Personal information will be demolished, removed or made nameless when it is no longer needed to fulfill the recognized purpose. To prevent illicit parties from obtaining access to the information, fone9 will take sensible care in the removal or obliteration of personal information.

Complaints and Enforcement of Privacy Statement:

fone9 welcomes comments, concerns and feedback as part of fone9? pledge to protection of its customers' personal information and privacy, a proposal on it's adherence to its Privacy Statement. fone9 is committed to addressing and efficiently resolving any inquiries, complaints or examination of our policies and practices pertaining to the treatment of personal information. Hence, any complaints or inquires should be addressed to:

Contact Us:

Your privacy is important to us. Please feel free to send any questions regarding our privacy policy, this privacy statement or the practices of this site to In terms of safety, we suggest that users log out, protect their account passwords and close their browser when away from the computer.

* All complaints received by fone9 will be investigated and if justified, fone9 will take measures accordingly, adding if necessary, amendments to its practices and policies, to resolve the complaint.

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